Monday, January 17, 2011

Solar Energy For Homes - Build Your Own Residential Solar Panels

Building your own residential solar panels is now a reality. The veil has been lifted on the so-called complexities of solar panel construction the leading solar companies have tried to promote for years.  They would have you believe the process is too elaborate and tricky to attempt on your own.

Why would they do this?  Simple.

The prices the solar installation companies charge for solar power panel systems are huge. They need individuals believe that taking on a residential solar panel install is too challenging and unbelievably convoluted. The solar power industry is immense with very few major players. At this moment even you may be thinking this is an insurmountable task to take on. However, hundreds and thousands of homes around the globe are powered by do-it-yourself photovoltaic power units. These units, can be created for a mere fraction of the price the big corporations would have you spend. When you finally understand this simple fact, you then have to ask yourself: exactly how do I go about building my own residential solar energy panels?

Well, we will explore this question and give you a pretty good idea about how and where to begin.

There are a few things you'll need to get started on your project. The majority of these items can be purchased from your local hardware store or salvage yard. The most challenging and probably most expensive item to obtain will be the solar cells. You can typically find used solar panels at scrap yards, and in many cases some hardware retailers may have a supply. If you find you're having a hard time finding them locally you might find some success with eBay and Craigslist. You shouldn't spend more than $100 on solar cells in the beginning on your first solar panel. You will also need to purchase a deep cell solar battery pack, or something similar. The other items are basically just minor things like silicon filler, wires, wood and nails. All the good solar manuals offer a fairly detailed list of all the materials and content you'll need including suggestions on the best place to buy them. All together your first residential solar panel should not amount to more than $200 as well as the time it will take you to make it.

I am more than certain, that if you do your research diligently you will be able to gather enough information to allow you to build your very first (of many) solar panel.  I wouldn't attempt this as my first DIY project but the experienced DIYer should have little problem following a good solar panel guide. The great thing about following one of the numerous solar board guides available is that they include not only the instructions, but some also training videos, diagrams and will usually provide you with technical assistance. Handy for those who may not that great on the workbench.

The best quality e-books in our opinion is earth4energy. This is determined by the number of units sold, status, asking price and customer reviews. They provide unmatched quality with regards to add-ons and benefits. There are a great number of publications inundating the market on a regular basis. That said, the very best e-books will usually be the most well regarded and in highest demand.

You can read more information about residential solar panels and learn about solar energy for homes here.


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